36” Prize Wheel Carry Bag




Carry On!

Whether you have an important business trade show to attend or need something new and exciting for a fundraiser or annual meeting, our 36-inch prize wheels are the solution. But you don’t want to waste this marketing investment by accidently dropping or breaking your prize wheel. Our carrying bags protect your investment and make it simple to travel with our prize wheels.

Our carrying bags measure out to 54″ x 35″, fitting many sizes of prize wheels and including our 36-inch prize wheels. These carrying bags have two zip pockets for markers, inserts, and accessories. You’ll find a long pouch pocket, perfect for fitting an extension pole inside. A convenient shoulder strap is attached to the top and back of the carrying bag for ease of portability.

Why You’ll Love It:

Our carrying bags are much lighter than the usual bulky cases used for prize wheels. Other carrying cases simply add weight to what you’re already carrying and can put extra stress on your shoulders and back. These carrying bags fit right over your shoulder and don’t add the extra weight like the other cases do.

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