Half Finger Padded Cycling Gloves, Red


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Hop on your bike and let’s ride!

Cycling gloves are an essential accessory for serious and casual riders alike! Our gloves have a non-slip, half finger glove design with padded palms for increased shock absorption and lower hand fatigue; you won’t feel road vibrations and bumps as often. Forget about getting blisters and calluses, our gloves protect your hands from rubbing against your handle bars.

Our cycling gloves are 6.25″ long, 4″ across the palm, and 6-8″ around the wrist; make sure to take proper measurements to ensure an adequate fit. These gloves are made from neoprene mesh fabric, lightweight and breathable, to keep your hands cool and palms dry and sweat-free. You can adjust tension and compression with a hook and loop closure, so make your gloves as tight or loose as needed.

Cycling Gloves can be used for many purposes including: cycling, mountain biking, motorcycling, BMX, roller skating, driving, bodybuilding, and hiking.

Why you’ll love it:

These gloves are waterproof, have a non-slip grip, and are cushioned for shock absorption; if you’ve suffered from rider’s fatigue, you’ll find that these gloves greatly reduce the vibrations and road bumps that cause irritation. If you fall and land on your hands, you’ll have extra padding to protect them from cuts and scrapes. Our gloves are made of breathable, moisture wicking fabric that keeps skin dry and dries quickly.

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