Lot of 2 -16 ft Double Dutch jump rope w/plastic segments


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Did you know: Double Dutch is not only a fun pastime, but also a competitive sporting event? In 1974, the first Double Dutch tournament was held in New York, and since then has held tournaments on the national and international levels. Whether you’re looking to step up your tournament game, or to just enjoy the classic game at home, K-Roo Sports has you covered. Our set of two Double Dutch jump ropes is perfect for any age, any skill level, and any occasion!

The set comes with two 16′ red, white and blue jump ropes, a size suitable for up for 3 jumpers. The heavy-duty nylon rope with colorful, shatterproof plastic segments is perfect for sports training, school activities or recreational use at home. And it looks pretty great, too. The colorful plastic segments not only lend our jump rope a distinctive and fun style, but also extra weight, which allows you to rotate the rope faster and more consistently. As you get faster, the rope does too.

Plus, the individual segments measure just under 1″ each, which offers the rope plenty of flexibility, and the black plastic handles are designed for maximum grip and comfort. Thin enough to fit any hand, the handles thicken up at the ends for a no-slip grip on the rope, no matter how fast you spin it.

A great source of exercise for all ages and skill levels with a colorful, eye-catching style, trust K-Roo Sports to offer high-quality products at an affordable price.

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