Small Incline Cheese Wedge Mat, 32′ x 23′ x 12.5′


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Tumble, Roll, & Flip!

Incline cheese wedge mats make practicing both uphill and downhill gymnastic drills possible in one convenient piece of equipment! Our wedge mats are great for sharpening essential skills such as cartwheels, back extension rolls, and back handsprings, you can even fold it into a spotting block or obstacle for advanced drills. This small size cheese wedge mat is perfect for those new to gymnastics, coaches, and seasoned gymnasts alike, from beginners to winners!

Our mat design is a bright mix of primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. These wedge mats are made of high quality, tear-resistant PVC covering and padding to withstand tumbling, jumping, and rolling without ripping or breaking. The mat has dimensions of 32″ x 23″ x 12.5″ when fully extended, more than enough room for practicing technique. When you fold the mat into its block form you’ll find it’s easier to travel with or place it into storage; the mat measures out to 23″ long, 16″ wide, and 15″ tall in block form. This wedge mat itself weighs approximately 7 lbs.

You’ll find cheese wedge mats are used for a plethora of activities including: cheerleading, exercise aerobics, stretching, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts.

Why you’ll love it:

Our wedge mat is a great starter mat for new gymnasts, makes a great coaching tool, and can be used for veteran gymnasts alike. Use it at home or at a gymnasium, it weighs approximately 7 lbs., and is 23″ long, 16″ wide, and 15″ tall when folded; small enough to take with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to fold the mat into a block form to make your workouts more difficult or add some interesting obstacles. Our mat is made with high quality, tear-resistant PVC covering and padding, with zippers on the sides so you can remove the covering for cleaning.

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